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Augusto J. Quintanilla - Founder and Chief Sales Officer

I’ve worked in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years. My career path has led me through some great companies, but I will always be grateful to WorldCom for giving me my first shot in sales.

In 2010 when Host SBC was launched, I wanted our customers to see us as their partner and not just a solutions provider. The only way to achieve such high honor was to provide excellent customer service and innovative products.

We know the issues all VoIP service providers encounter on a daily basis, which is why we build platforms that make a difference in your operation. I’ve highlighted a few of the functions and modules which are the game changers you need to deploy in your business:

  • Rate addendums are automatically read from an email account, imported and processed so that all you do is approve or reject based on your negotiated commercial conditions.
  • Billing is fully automated. You specify the terms and currency and every customer is invoiced accordingly. We support daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and specific-day billing.
  • Real-Time and Past-Due Balance reports keep you up to date on both Account Receivables and Account Payables.
  • Integration with multiple accounting systems gives you complete control of your finances. QuickBooks is our most common integration.
  • Our Anti-Fraud module monitors every call based on mutiple parameters we’ve established as fraud indicators and blocks all incoming/outgoing traffic to certain destinations, providers, dial codes, etc., based on call behavior.
  • A/B Rating and Routing is for carriers that have surcharges imposed for traffic generated in specific countries. This is very common in Saudi, Turkey and the UAE.

If you’ve seen enough to make a decision, please contact us by completing the form on this page. If you would like to see more, feel free to download our complete platform presentation. As well, I invite you to follow us on our social media pages.


Corporate Structure and Contact Centers


  • Executive team located in Miami, Florida
  • Console engineering and development team
  • Software development team for retail solutions
  • Primary Point of Presence for wholesale and retail solutions


  • Operations and support center for US and Latin American hosted solutions customers
  • Operations and support center for US and Latin American managed services customers
  • Fully bilingual team (English/Spanish)


  • Operations and support center for EMEA region hosted solutions customers
  • Operations and support center for EMEA managed services customers
  • Fully bilingual team (English/Hindi)

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