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We will always try our best to exceed your expectations.

We value your business and firmly believe you are the only reason we exist.

We design everything we do around your needs.

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Host SBC has been supporting wholesale voice carriers and retail service providers with our switching and software solutions since 2011. By working with some of the best software companies in the industry, we’re able to bring the greatest features and functionalities to our customers.

We’re fortunate to have customers all over the world and our growth is purely dependent on our believe to GIVE, GIVE and GIVE without expecting anything in return. What makes us unique is our knowledge of the industry, our technical skills and our integrity as a service provider.

Our support team is also comprised of engineers who know how to troubleshoot our platforms and most importantly don’t waste your time giving you textbook answers. Our customers stay with us because we solve their issues in a timely manner. We don’t believe in the trial and error method of solving problems since your time is money.

We are committed to being your service provider. So, what can we do to earn your business?

Technical Teams in USA, India and Pakistan.

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