Host SBC - About

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If your newly deployed network doesn't perform as stated, your ports are FREE.

A Trusted Provider of VoIP Platforms

Host SBC is a trusted provider of VoIP platforms to wholesale carriers and resellers worldwide. With colocation facilities available at more than 45 Tier-1 data centers, we enable service providers to deploy and scale up their operations within hours, not days, for immediate geographic access. Our software-based VoIP services provide seamless interoperability, security and performance – with the freedom to choose any carrier or interfacing technology.

Mission: Serving Wholesalers and Resellers

Our mission is to serve wholesale carriers and resellers by providing superior telecom solutions and platforms. We do not provide services to end-users, nor do we compete with our customers by buying and reselling minutes.

Credo: You Are The Most Important Part Of Our Business

Our credo is simple: Our customers are the only reason we exist. We design everything we do around our customers' needs.

Vision: Helping Our Customers Stay Ahead Of The Curve

The telecom industry is fiercely competitive and changing rapidly. We are continuously investing in the newest and best technologies to help you operate more leanly and more profitably. You don't have to worry about obsolescence. We are nimble and savvy enough to future-proof your business.

Team: More Than 50 Years Of Combined Experience

The Host SBC team is composed of professionals who have worked in the telecommunications industry, on average, for the past 15 years. Our engineers have configured and deployed a range of enterprise-level and hybrid service provider VSAT, Wi-Fi, TDM, and VoIP networks. Can we configure your network? Absolutely. We even guarantee it.

In my years as a telecom employee, I saw constant frustration on the part of customers who were unable to achieve the network efficiencies they needed in order to be competitive. Many found themselves in competition against platform providers who also sold voice services or they were locked into unprofitable arrangements and outdated platforms. I realized that these problems and others represented an opportunity to offer a higher level of service built upon superior technology, more sophisticated engineering skills, and more client-centric business policies. I founded Host SBC in order to deliver on this core vision. Today, we are rapidly becoming one of the most trusted platform provider and I look forward to bringing you on board as our new partner.

Augusto J. Quintanilla
Founder and CEO