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Want easier, faster, and more profitable ways to offer telecom services to your customers?

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Take advantage of software-driven VoIP platforms that work with any network and connection point to meet your communication needs.
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We deploy fully-configured switching and least-cost routing systems often within an hour or less.
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Enjoy minimal upfront outlays and pay-as-you-go pricing so you can be more profitable right from the start.
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Partner with a provider that handles over 200 million minutes/month across 24 countries.

What makes Host SBC the fastest growing VoIP platform provider?

Strategic Business Model

Unlike many VoIP platform providers, we don’t buy and resell minutes to compete with our customers. Instead, we’re focused on being a superior technology partner.

Flexible Choices

We don’t lock you into pre-defined solutions or levels of service. Instead, you’re free to use any or all of our best-in-class technologies as you wish.

Fast and Affordable

We help you be more competitive by speeding up delivery of services and offering zero charges for our technical support. Our rates are incomparable.

Host SBC is the technical resource for wholesale carriers who want to extend their reach, improve quality, be more reliable, and offer rapid responsiveness to customers.

Core Technologies

Tier 1 Colocation Facilities

We operate in Tier 1 data centers and work closely with more than 50 other data facilities around the globe. We can deploy any type of configuration – on appliances, virtual machines, or in virtualized clouds. Our data architecture provides the highest levels of integreation and convergence, with modularity that provides 30% faster deployment and scalability than the traditional models.

Session Border Controller (SBC)

We provide carrier-grade switching platforms by Genband (NexTone), the industry leader in SBC technology. These solutions allow you to peer with other carriers and control the exchange of traffic. This exchange includes IP voice, video and data across fixed and mobile networks, from a single dashboard, utilizing state-of-the-art security, data integrity, and Quality of Service (QoS).

VoIP Transcoding Gateways

The demand for global connectivity and unified communications requires the conversion of media streams from one codec to another, without slowdowns or loss of productivity. Our Cisco Systems solution provides the broadest possible support across networks for all types of codecs. Our gateways provide service to any customer with support for G.711, G.723, G.729 and T.38.

(SIP) Routing, Rating, Reporting and Billing

We provide a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) re-direct routing, rating, billing and real-time reporting platform which enables wholesale carriers and retail voice service providers the management of their interconnect business. Our platform automates and executes business critical decisions based on pre-established end-user configurations.