Host SBC - Colocation

Our carrier neutral data centers are not tied to network providers or IT vendors.

Half cabinet

10 amps of AC power, 10 Mbps of BGP IP for $550 p/month.

Call: (305) 230-4321

We provide carrier neutral colocation in Miami at two Tier-1 data centers.


Our data centers can operate independently of network and IT providers, so you have an endless choice of fixed and mobile carriers, ISPs, and hardware/software vendors. You can self-manage your configuration using only our physical facilities, or rely on us to host and manage your platform.

Host SBC Data Centers

Host SBC operates out of two Tier-1 data centers in Miami, FL and in Atlanta, GA. Located in disaster-proof structures, these data centers provide fully-redundant power management, multiple layer security, and solid systems to prevent any single point of failure.

Host SBC Affiliated Data Centers

Geographic proximity translates into better performance and lower costs. We offer managed hosting and colocation at Tier-1 and Tier-2 data centers around the world that meet our precise requirements for technical quality and operational reliability, efficiency, and security.

Fully Customized, Scalable Colocation

Add redundancy to your network while improving performance. We offer fully customized colocation configurations that can be deployed on-demand, giving you a scalable solution that always meets your network needs. We offer all features you need at an affordable price.

24/7/365 Monitoring and Support

We provide all clients with full monitoring and support services. Our engineers are on call to troubleshoot any issues, and you can use our Looking Glass tool to see network performance in real time.

IP Resell

If you want to offer customers 100% global availability, 99.99% packet delivery, and superfast round-trip latency, our IP Reseller program is the perfect solution. Find out how we can help you setup and run a reseller program with unlimited reach and depth.

How We're Connected

zColo Powered Data Centers

Located in 31 markets, 45 carrier-neutral data centers provide connections to global networks.

Dell Servers

High-level productivity Intel servers support dramatic performance with efficient power usage.

Suprermicro Servers

Operating on Linux and supporting open source applications, these are custom-built telco-grade servers.

Level 3 Transit Connections

IP Transit connections with IPv6 and IPv4 support for more than 350 carrier-neutral data centers in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Cogent IP Connections

All optical IP connections with servicice to 190 major markets in the Americas, Europe, and Asia plus interconnections to 5,000+ networks.

Looking Glass

See traceroute and ping performance on the network.

Colocation Pricing

¼ Cabinet $300 USD
½ Cabinet $550 USD
Full Cabinet $850 USD
Cross-Connects: Pass through

IP Bandwidth Pricing

1-10 Mbps $10 per meg
11-50 Mbps $7 per meg
51 Mbps or More $5 per meg